Introducing QMICE

@ Qatar Airways Virtual


QMICE was created on the same day as QCargo with an idea to showcase the recognize the executive parts of Qatar Airways.

Our Plan

Feel like to fly out high class people from/to Doha, we have just the thing for you. QMICE is all about private charter flights that can be flown from/to our hub (OTHH). You can even make your own routes, no stopping for anyone here. The QMICE Program has its own rank consisting of just aircrafts with just the Qatar Airways Livery on IF.

QMICE Officer 0 - 100 Hours

Airbus A319

Airbus A320

Airbus A321

QMICE Captain 100 - 250 Hours

Airbus A330-300

Boeing 787-8

Boeing 787-9

QMICE Commander 250 - 500 Hours

Airbus A350-900

Airbus A380-800

Boeing 777-200LR

Boeing 777-300ER