Introducing QCargo

@ Qatar Airways Virtual

About QCargo

QCargo is an all new program directed by the Qatar Airways Virtual staff team. This program helps us to showcase the cargo divison of Qatar Airways. QCargo was founded on the 19th of November, 2021 with a majority recognition as well. We hope to make this program better everyday.

Our Plan

After a pilot has achieved the rank of "Oryx Fleet Captain", they are automatically entered to the QCargo Program. Starting from then each cargo flight using the Qatar Boeing 777F taken will add a point to their QCargo Ranking Structure.


QCargo Pilot - 0 Points

QCargo Officer - 5 Points

QCargo Captain - 10 Points

QCargo Commander - 20 Points

Other Information

In this program, the program members will get perks such as 1.5x Multiplier on all ranks and a separate category + channels dedicated to this program. They will also receive the roles in the discord server upon advancing to different ranks.