Founded: August, 2019

We began as a small group of community members. We all had individual talents, skills but we shared a fixed mindset on one goal, to create Qatar Airways Virtual Airline which would last for years to come.

Based on the real-world sensation of Qatar Airways, we are a family of mature and professional community members who all unite in sharing a similar passion.

Our Goal

We may be a new Virtual Airline but our spirit and passion flow faster than ever! We hope to become one of the Leading Virtual Airlines in the Infinite Flight Community. We will do this by setting a foundation with a leading example for others to follow, incorporating years of knowledge, experience & passion into vibrant and efficient technological facilities for all pilots & members to utilise.

To run a Virtual Airline of this scale takes time, effort and a lot of hard work. We pride ourselves on running a dynamic & efficient Leadership Team who are worth being recognised for their hours on end of hard work.

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What are they saying

Raihan Yudanto

Senior Advisor & Former Staff

QRV is always a special VA to me, since I’ve start my journey in Virtual Airlines world, and start to be part of QRV family and meet their lovely pilot's and the staff team, i will missed those moments with QRV.

Baptiste Desmet

Senior Advisor & QRV Tech Team Member

Being a Senior Advisor at QRV for me is a wonderful thing, being able to help the staff give ideas and all that is great. I'm very happy that they offered me the opportunity to help them and I'm helping them to try to make this VA even better than ever! They are very welcoming and nice people, I recommend you to join us 😉

Noah Donov

Server Moderator + Tester

Being part of QRV as a server moderator and tester has been one of the greatest opportunity I have ever received. Everyone is welcoming, fun to talk and the server is engaging for all. As a VA, QRV stands out much further in my opinion and I am proud to be part of such an awesome Virtual Airline!

Samayra Donov

Server Tester

QRV is definitely different compared to other VA/VO's out there. It ensures the best for its members in every possible way. Staffs are the greatest I believe, they are always there to help and organize in times of need. Defo recommend you to join...

Alfie Bowen

Former President

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